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How to get there

By car
Highway E 65 (Brno), E 75 (Piestany, Györ, Budapest), E 58 (Wien).
Car Rental Bratislava

By bus
Most countries in Europe are connected with Slovak destinations by regular service, usually direct.
Slovak Coach Transport (SAD) Bratislava

By train
10 up to 16 international express trains.
Many of Europe’s busiest train routes pass through or very near Slovakia (for example, Vienna’s position 100 km from Bratislava makes connections easy and practical).  It is especially simple to travel from neighbouring countries. There are also regular trains directly to and from key cities in Germany, Italy and Russia. Travelling in Slovakia by IC train is especially very comforable and safe. The Slovak Railways

By air
Regularly scheduled flights come to Bratislava (from Prague, Vienna and sometimes from Brno and Moscow, Tel Aviv and Persian Gulf states).  Other destinations are added from time to time, but these are fairly stable.
M. R. Stefanik Airport Bratislava, distance from the centre 9 km.
Vienna International Airport - Schwechat is 45 km from Bratislava.
Air Traffic Control Administration of the Slovak republic

By boat
On the Danube River from Vienna to Budapest.
Slovak Shipping & Ports

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